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I'm a multifandom 25 yrs old teenager. I run an "Mblaq-imagines" blog.. check it out ^^
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baek defeated by a girl once again (ft. chanyeol laughing at him)

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no words ); 

I can’t anymore. Look at him, look at the mother. Innocent peoples, never stop praying for them. Never stop making douas for them, they need us. 

Don’t ignor them, they are humans, like you, like me. They deserve peace.

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Jongin asking Kyungsoo to run his fingers through his hair and Kyungsoo obliging like the good boyfriend he is ㅠㅠ ㅠㅠ

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do not edit ✧ dancingbilly

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Xiuhan being trolled

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me: *thinks of kyungsoo*
jongin: stay in your lane

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we are all Seungho

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same yoongi

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