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I'm a multifandom 25 yrs old teenager. I run an "Mblaq-imagines" blog.. check it out ^^
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almost done! 1 out of 11 … yep i will try to paint all 12 of them. ^^

if you haven’t seen some of my paintings yet please do check the links below.. THANK YOU!!!



and here is a closer look of my recent painting which is currently 90% done »> Metamorphosis

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xiumin adding one stroke to correct his chinese name and then another two strokes to cross out luhan’s name orz


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On screen: Hang Kang Woo running away from his abusive father.

Off screen: Kyungsoo  being Kyungsoo.

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7/50 edits of Kim Minseok

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When Xiuchen video calls Luhan

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remember when jongin just...

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Someone’s in denial..

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korean 101 with v

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We’re so proud of you…

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